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Mehrdad Salimi Borna It is a personal and business trainer and coaching that transforms the newest and most practical path to wealth, success and progress in life into a personal model and style and teaches thousands of people. Training to increase income is a part of these trainings… Mehrdad Salimi Borna Coaching is the largest coaching training site in the country. Salimi Borna Foundation has been able to be one of the best in the field of education, including various areas of coaching, as well as in the field of accompanying people as a personal coach by Professor Mehrdad Salimi Borna. What is coach and coaching? Coaching, in simple terms, means raising awareness to a person to identify potentials and significantly increase performance. Coaching increases the focus on empowering strengths, successes and future possibilities. It leaves mistakes and failures behind. Eliminates failures and blames. What are the main branches of coaching? Coaching Education: A key belief in the field of coaching is that we have potential talents and abilities within ourselves, and we need coaching to make the most of these talents and abilities. The role of coaching is to help finalize these talents and abilities. For this, first of all, you can get help from coaching training. Coaching course has been prepared and compiled as one of the most important training courses on the website of Mehrdad Salimi Borna. Life Coaching: Life coaching focuses on improving people’s personal lives. In fact, life coaching helps you live a happier, more productive and more fulfilling life by empowering your practical and communication skills. On Mehrdad Salimi Borna’s website, he has paid a lot of attention to this point and has provided free life coaching training and a complete training package in the form of a life coaching course to his audience. Business Coaching: It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or a CEO or even a commercial business owner. You need a business coaching to grow and develop your business. Someone who can identify your weaknesses and challenges by your side. Improve them. To learn more, it is better to first visit the business coaching training on Mehrdad Salimi’s website. Business coaching course is one of the most complete training courses in this field.