Mehrdad Salimi Borna

Instructor and international coaching business

with one Decades of branding development experience in the world

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Author of books

کتاب هوش کارآفرینی- مهرداد سلیمی برنا
صعود کسب‌وکار-
موفقیت بدون توقف- مهرداد سلیمی برنا
انفجار درآمد- مهرداد سلیمی برنا

With more than 7 years of experience in holding courses, seminars and educational tours in the country

لایف کوچینگ چیست- مهرداد سلیمی برنا
کوچینگ چیست- مهرداد سلیمی برنا
وظایف کوچینگ- مهرداد سلیمی برنا
یازده مهارت کوچینگ- مهرداد سلیمی برنا
آکادمی کوچینگ- مهرداد سلیمی برنا
کوچینگ در روانشناسی- مهرداد سلیمی برنا
تکنیک‌های کوچینگ- مهرداد سلیمی برنا
کوچینگ یعنی چه- مهرداد سلیمی برنا
بهترین مربی کوچینگ ایران- مهرداد سلیمی برنا

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The mission of Salimi Borna Coaching Research Group

Salimi Borna’s research team works in the direction of conducting research and finding practical and practical solutions to build and achieve a great life in all psychological, human and social aspects and finally reach the peak of wealth for the dear people of Iran. This dynamic and capable team has always done a lot of research in the field of empowering people. Also, by means of the most up-to-date and best ways of working, we should teach the growth of individual and organizational development.

Salimi Borna’s dream is to be able to see people of zeal and courage at the highest level of power and wealth. He tries with all his heart to achieve this goal. Definitely, having a valuable life or a high-paying job requires a purposeful approach. Knowing about the performance of successful people and productive jobs can be very effective in people’s progress. Therefore, Borna’s Salimi team announces that you can definitely…

Salimi Borna team hopes that with God’s grace, we will take an important step in the field of local knowledge and community empowerment, to grow and develop both businesses and talents by showing the practical way.

Your goals are Salimi Barna Coaching Center

Our biggest goal is to see people of zeal and courage at the peak of power and wealth, and we work hard for this goal. Definitely, having a professional business and a valuable life requires a principled performance, knowing the skills and techniques of rich people and successful businesses can be effective many times in the success and progress of our dear people, so we can proudly Let us announce that you can definitely…

A completely up-to-date and practical educational method to improve people's fourfold wealth

Social wealth

Every person’s communication can change the future of his life, think about who I am in contact with? And who knows me? And who can I contact? Please cherish the five people around you, you will definitely have a bright future ahead of you.

Psychological wealth

Valuable skills such as resilience, self-efficacy, motivation and hope are what allow us to be able to make the right decision in the path of growth in difficult and exhausting situations.

Human resources

Abilities can be found and this depends on the amount of knowledge, skills, ideas, interests, tastes, goals and business of people. And often people have social and economic growth according to the growth of their capabilities.

Economic wealth

The easiest way to get rich and become a capitalist is to develop your psychological, human and social wealth, then you can easily make money in any environmental and economic situation you find yourself in.

Other activities of Mehrdad Salimi Barna

Professional business coach of top managers of the country

History of training more than 1000 business managers

Specialized coach for launching and developing more than 100 online businesses

Official member of the ICF International Coaching Federation

Has an international coaching certificate approved by the ILO

Speaker of the meeting of successful managers of the country

Active member of intellectual technology elite in Iran

Writer and researcher in the field of personal development and business

Organizer of dozens of seminars and educational tours