Coaching business

Business coaching, based on the definition of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), means a mutual relationship between the manager of the organization or the business owner, with a professional trainer or coach who can strategically help the success and development of the business.

Business coaching first helps you to define your business vision according to your values ​​and goals in life.

These perspectives are useful when you are responsible and with the guidance and support of a coach, you can take your career path from the current point to the desired point.

If we look at the history of business coaching, we can see that since 1970, when the business coaching field was established by Michael E. Gerber was founded, tens of thousands of business owners have been able to change the fate of their business with a unique approach.

Be careful not to confuse business coaching with a regular business consultant!!!

A business coach is not a consultant who will immediately enter your business and fix its problems and shortcomings; In addition to the quality of education and knowledge of different methods, Koch’s approach to life and business is also different.

Professionals in business coaching know your business needs better than anyone, and this makes for a reliable partnership; Because they can provide a strategic roadmap for all business areas to systematize every part of your business.

Free coaching courses

Coaching is a process during which a person can recognize his inherent and inner potentials and try to make maximum use of his talents. A deep and correct understanding of coaching and its use requires adequate training in this field. Mehrdad Salimi Borna, as a skilled professor in the field of coaching, has been able to provide a large part of coaching training to his audience for free.

Life coaching is a path to happiness and joy. Also, to develop personal goals and eliminate the obstacles facing each person.

Business coaching is often effective for entrepreneurs who want to enter the job market and business owners who want to be more successful and productive.

What makes business coaching worth investing your time and money in is the tremendous benefits it brings you. In this article, we will comprehensively describe the benefits of using business coaching.

A space has been created for you to face your challenges, and this is if you have an experienced coach by your side who motivates you not to get discouraged and not give up in the face of difficulties.

In this way, coaching Business makes it easy for you to manage conflicts and challenges.

We can’t know about what we can’t see!!

Therefore, we need an eye that will reveal to us what we do not have insight into.

In business coaching sessions, you will be asked questions that make you think critically and creatively, and this way you can see your blind spots and ideas will flow to you, this way you will have a perspective on all your weaknesses and strengths. .

Most of us are not risk takers and are subject to old habits and methods.

Business coaching helps you develop new ideas, or start new methods; But it evaluates the rewards or consequences of risk for you and guides you in the direction of your business growth.

Besides all these things, apart from what position you have in what business, business coaching offers methods that unintentionally strengthen your personality and leadership spirit and also deals with its styles.

The growth of your genius in this field will lead to better management of the collection and the division of tasks will be done correctly.

All this makes you a strategic and visionary leader.

During the process that occurs in business coaching, the coach is by your side so that you can do things in the best way; Also, your help to other team members to do the same work will strengthen the morale and efficiency of the group.

At the same time, the coach constantly monitors you; Because it holds you responsible for the goals you set, which increases the probability of achieving them.

When you use business coaching services, the first step is to clarify your goals and visions with the help of a business coach.

And in the continuation of the process, together with Business Coach, you will arrange a strong strategy to achieve your goals and identify which actions will bring more profit for you.

When you use business coaching services, the business coach has a series of specific tasks on his agenda; If you want to know what Business Coach can do for you, follow the rest of this content.

When you run a business, sometimes your income stagnates and progress is not seen, besides the fact that you are often exposed to important and big decisions; that you are alone to solve them, and you cannot ask for advice and support from your subordinates or inexperienced people around you.

So who should get advice from? The answer is an experienced coach who can be the best resource for using rich experiences and strategic roadmaps.

He can help CEOs to get the necessary guidance to create a successful business, establish a company, grow a business, etc.

In business coaching, the coach helps the business owner to set a vision for his business.

And this vision adapts to other dimensions of his life such as his personal life, and the owner understands the impact that the result of the plans will have on his life.

If a business goal is not related to his personal plans, it is unlikely that he will have the passion to achieve them and implement his goals.

The next step in business coaching is that, after defining the owner’s vision, the goals must be prioritized; To see which are just tasks to be done and which are long-term goals.

Remember that in business coaching, to determine a suitable strategy to achieve the goals, the coach and the business owner must have continuous cooperation with each other.

Also, Business Coach constantly compares and evaluates the growth and progress indicators (KPI) of the business owner, and if something hinders success, it identifies or predicts it in advance.

Responsibility is one of the achievements of business coaching. Usually, the coach regularly meets with his client during weekly or monthly meetings to review the commitments promised in the previous meeting and ensure their fulfillment.

Finally, I must say that Business Coach is not a consultant who will do things for you.

In short: he focuses you on the final result and identifies the important points of your work and personal life, gives you motivation, guidance and help to implement your goals and is like a mirror in front of you to see the blind spot. See it in your personal or professional life.

This is a good question, because now that we want to use business coaching courses or services, how do we know who we should trust? What should a business coach do? And what features does it have?

A successful business coaching company that has been working in the field of business coaching for many years and has been able to prosper many of them. It is Mehrdad Selimi Borna. You can easily request a consultation with Professor Salimi Borna through the link below.

  1. Mutual and trusted partnership

One of the misconceptions about a business coach is that he is confused with a consultant or a therapist.

A coach is not a business consultant who will take over your business and develop it himself; Rather, business coaches provide direction, guidance, feedback, and necessary views with the tools they have.

Business coaching will make you more accountable, and this is an attribute that many business owners need to work on in order to stay focused on their goals.

A good business coach does not put a direct solution in front of you and does not define dos and don’ts for you; Rather, he listens well so that he can provide appropriate feedback.

In addition to being reliable, a business coach should be experienced and able to diagnose specific and systematic issues and know that the real results are the ones you get yourself and the business coach is your guide to find them.

In business coaching, the most important issue is that the business coach wants to know you and your business in the first place and why you entered the business. Then act sympathetically and like a partner for your business.

In the field of coaching, we have all kinds of coaches, each of whom must have their own skills depending on their field of activity; But the most key skill for a business coach is to be smart and listen actively.

Because they should understand and recognize what is good for your business, what makes a good business better? And what factor expands a great business and brings it to ideal levels.

Another characteristic of a coach is his patience, the business coach specifies what should happen, but it is up to you to make these events happen, and he waits for you to achieve your goal and does not leave a foot on the way. draw

  1. Curiosity next to courage

A business coaching coach does not wait to use only the data that you provide; Rather, he is not satisfied with your explanations and is busy with curiosity and research about your business.

He looks at the corners of your business to find the main cause of being stuck or stagnant in your business.

A business coaching coach can only ask important and key questions based on his knowledge and experience, and he must have the courage and honesty to tell the truth.

The combination of these two in business coaching is a formula that makes you a better leader, that stabilizes your business position, and makes you grow and get closer to your vision.

You will also see its impact on the behavior and activity of employees, which will have a significant impact on customer retention and business development.

  1. Presenting the role of the clear path

You have turned to business coaching to have a successful business, and for this you must first determine your goal and secondly identify the ways to reach the goal.

A business coaching coach will help you come up with a structured and important strategy for your business system, and prioritize them in order to address them.

  1. Your achievement of independence and empowerment

You must have heard this saying: “Give a man a fish to feed him for a day, and teach him to fish for a lifetime.”

Business coaching and mentoring trainings are also like this; to provide you with the right tools to put your theories into practice.

Also, your diagnosis and problem solving skills have been strengthened, so that in the future you can solve the problems that you need help to solve today to the best of your ability.

Having a good coaching coach works in such a way that the more time passes, the less you need him.

Finding and choosing a professional and experienced business coach requires a process that includes researching the characteristics of the coach and finally making your own decisions and conclusions.

4 of the most important characteristics that you should consider about a coach:

Experience, skill level and training

Approach and philosophy

Valid documents and certificates (having and not having)

• Programs (planning) and methods (methods and strategies) they use.

You have to weigh these things, but ultimately your relationship with the business coach is very important and you should be able to feel close and comfortable with him and be able to trust him.

So far in the article, do you know who Business Koch is? And what features should you consider to choose a coach?

Now that you know what services you will receive in business coaching and what are the benefits of participating in business coaching courses and services, how should you determine whether you need these services or not? Or if you already have a coach, is he suitable for you or not?

It is better to check this issue by posing questions:

  • Do they make time for you? And are you sympathetic? In the sense of celebrating your happiness and success together, and sharing your problems with you and taking time to solve them?
  • Do they know what destination you have taken? Does it have a plan and strategy for the specific stage of the business it is in? Because you should not think that because they have the name of coach (coach) on their certificate card, then all of them will have a specific plan.
  • Does he have a vision for you? And does it help you to set your goals?
  • Do they analyze your progress? Or does it only bring you disappointments and failures?? You want wise and compassionate advice, not just quick fixes or blame.
  • Do they really know what coaching is and what they should do? You should be careful about disguised and amateur consultants.
  • Do they ask you for accountability and feedback? Do they keep you steady with their follow-up when you get lost?

Sometimes you think about developing your team and business, but you don’t know exactly what to do!! Or put who in what position?? And in the field of sensitive decisions, you are always hesitant and you feel short and inadequate.

How do you know if your retail manager is a better fit for the new position than your sales representative, marketing manager, or support specialist?

Or your accounting employee is much more capable in dealing with customers and customer orientation…

But these things are hidden from your view, and no one has noticed them yet.

In business coaching, a perspective based on an objective assessment of your needs is provided.

A well-positioned employee is happier, more productive, and more active, and as a result, more profitable, and in addition, the feeling that you don’t like doing certain tasks and want to delegate them will go away from you.

Remember that no one can have all the required expertise at once.

Successful companies are not those that have gathered the most expertise in one brain, but those that work in harmony from more brains.

You may be great at interviewing and hiring, but not good at writing a job ad that attracts top-notch resumes.

Maybe you’re great at executing a marketing plan, but when it comes to writing the plan, you don’t know how to plan.

In Business Coaching, you learn to deal with your strengths and weaknesses, and know in which areas you excel and where your skills are lacking.

Then, with the guidance of the coach, you know which skills to strengthen? And which tasks to leave to other agents? It focuses on its best features so that your business becomes a fine watch whose gears work harmoniously together.

A business consultant or strategist will provide you with tactical and scientific solutions. In their consultations, they do not speak based on their knowledge and provide planning, and sometimes do the heavy lifting on behalf of their clients.

Business coaching helps the business owner to focus on the situation they are in, the point they want to reach, and how they should fill this path between point A and B.

This is less about giving advice, and more about asking questions that empower the CEO to gain a better understanding of the issues.

A consultant only focuses on their counseling sessions and conversations, while a coach focuses on goal planning and holding them accountable to achieve success.