Business coaching course

Business coaching course

Especially for all those who want to develop their business
or have a business coaching business

along with coach Mehrdad Salimi Borna

Why business coaching?

It doesn’t matter if you own a business that has a lot of problems or a successful business that is going to be even more successful, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you are in the middle and not so inexperienced, a small company and Whether you are a startup or a big and well-known brand, business coaching will help your business grow and improve more and more.
Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, says; Hiring a business coach was my best professional decision, although I admit that it was a difficult and challenging task because as the CEO of a successful company that was developing and growing day by day, I did not see the need for a business coach until one of the members The Google board convinced me and finally surprised me with the amazing result of business coaching.

Have you ever thought that to grow and develop your business?
Do you need a business coach?

In an interview with Fortune magazine, Eric Schmidt quoted Bill Gates as saying; All humans need a coach.
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are other very successful business owners who have benefited from business coaching services.

What is coaching from the point of view of the international federation?

Coaching is a collaboration and partnership between the coach and the client, which by stimulating the client to think and be creative, encourages her to reach the peak of her personal and professional abilities.

What is business coaching?

Business coaching is a two-way communication between the owner of a business and an expert coach in the field of business, which ultimately causes a business to develop correctly and completely intelligently in line with its goals.
Business coaching has now become a necessity and most of the business owners are now aware of this, but there are still people who want to develop their business but do not know what business coaching is. What does a professional business coach do!

What does a professional business coach do?

A professional business coach first draws an accurate and clear vision of the future of your business, and then with this vision in hand, guides you well and the path you need to reach that vision and goal. Draws accurately. The advantage of business coaching is that if its method is implemented correctly, it can make the path to your business goals and success shorter and smarter because business coaches master deep business knowledge and can Provide your business experience to you and your business.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is the most complete business coaching training at the international level in terms of standards and current content.

Additional details of the professional business coaching course

The educational content of this course has been designed and planned in such a way that at the end of it, the student will have all the necessary qualifications for business coaching.
learned and practiced according to international standards.

Certificates at the end of the course

Special support

Learners in communication channels Vip will be present

Grouping of students and accompanying a scientific supporter to increase skills and exercises

Personal coach for each person during the course

Advantages of business coaching?

Investment amount on private coaching with coach Mehrdad Salimi

Why group coaching?

As you know, coach Mehrdad Salimi is one of the first international personal and business development coaching coaches
The cost of one-year coaching with coach Mehrdad Salimi is 480,000,000 tomans. In cooperation with trainer Mehrdad Salimi, Hosheservat Coaching Education Center decided to hold classes under the title of group coaching training classes in order to provide training services and help more businesses.

The advantage of the classes is that all the participants during the course can directly communicate with coach Mehrdad Salimi and ask their questions, and also in these courses conditions are provided so that you can get private coaching with less than 1.20 Have coach Mehrdad Salimi by your side and benefit from his professional experience

Headlines of the business coaching course:

Investment amount on group coaching with coach Mehrdad Salimi

30,000,000 Toman
15,000,000 Tomans
21,000,000 Tomans
3.5 million tomans per month

Ways of communication

Ways of communication

Headlines of the business coaching course:

Most people think that whenever they encounter a problem, they should use a business coaching. While even if you have a business that is successful and you are satisfied with your efficiency and performance, you need a professional person for further growth and development. Coaching cannot be summed up only in achieving goals, but the researchers reached the following conclusions by examining the clients of coaching.

80% have seen their self-confidence increase

70% have seen their work performance improved

61% have seen their business management improved

57% have seen their time management improved

51% have seen their team performance improved

And 99% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with the coaching experience and would do it again.

The opinion of the elders of the world about the use of Koch

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have deeper and more effective sessions after completing the course?

Although holding useful and in-depth meetings depends on many components, the participants of this course will be able to better choose their target audience and design their personal branding and business development accordingly. Also, they will be familiar with the basic concepts of psychology, recognition of disorders and approaches, models and numerous coaching tools

What is the state of the coaching job market outside of Iran?

By receiving an international and translatable certificate from a professional technical organization, you can work in different countries outside of Iran.

How to prepare course files?

At the end of the course, all the audio files of the course will be available to the students for life

Is there an exam at the end of the course?

Yes. Passing the technical and professional organization test and practical class test will be the condition of getting the certificates

What are the methods of holding meetings?

Theoretical and practical coaching training classes are held face-to-face and question and answer classes are held online

On what basis are the educational resources compiled?

This course is designed based on training qualifications and international coaching standards

On what basis are the educational resources compiled?

It is possible to pay for the courses in cash and in installments

Executive resume of coach Mehrdad Salimi Barna

Professional business coach of top managers of the country
History of training more than 1000 business managers
Specialized coach for launching and developing more than 100 online businesses
Official member of the ICF International Coaching Federation
Has an international coaching certificate approved by the ILO
Speaker of the meeting of successful managers of the country
Founder of three successful businesses
Active member of intellectual technology elite in Iran
Writer and researcher in the field of personal development and business
Organizer of dozens of seminars and educational tours

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