What is life coaching?

Life coaching is based on the definition of International Coaching Federation ICF (in English Life coaching) and in the literal sense, it is called life coaching. Life coaching services are a profession that covers all aspects of health in life and helps people to be more satisfied with their lives by progressing in life.

It gives you the strength to have the courage to express your dreams and then set goals for your personal and professional life.

In order to take big steps towards long-term goals, you must make the most of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

By eliminating the weak points, you can overcome the obstacles in life and change your lifestyle to achieve the desired goals.

According to their unique skills, each person receives action plans and necessary strategies to continue.

Life coaching services are provided by coaches who are professionally trained to help their clients improve their relationships, career and daily life.

Suppose a trusted advisor who always accompanies you and a good friend who always encourages you, merge together and become one person.

This is someone who will make you move towards your goals. Define your goals, and along the way they will constantly encourage you not to back down.

By asking a wide range of questions, they establish an effective relationship with you and your lifestyle and offer programs tailored to you, so that your needs and desires can be implemented.

In life coaching services, a coach must have a good listening ear to hear what you have to say.

Life coaching services can be even better than counseling; But it requires knowledge, experience, and very deep training.Life coaching services can be even better than counseling; But it requires knowledge, experience, and very deep training.

Such a coach can provide personalized solutions for different clients, each with different scenarios, and different problems and issues.

The coaching coach is completely impartial about the problems and their solutions so that you have the best option to achieve your goals.

They will cooperate with you as much as possible to identify and solve your internal knots and eventually you will become a coach.

The reason is that coaching is the second fastest growing profession in the world; This is what works for people.

The definition of life coaching can be said as follows: it is a job that can be achieved with the right tools and training to achieve any goal.

There are very few people who can say that they are at the peak of their efficiency and potential, and this is precisely the starting point of coaching.

If you want to maximize your potential and improve your life to higher levels, it is better to look for life coaching services right now.

Free coaching courses

Coaching is a process during which a person can recognize his inherent and inner potentials and try to make maximum use of his talents. A deep and correct understanding of coaching and its use requires adequate training in this field. Mehrdad Salimi Borna, as a skilled professor in the field of coaching, has been able to provide a large part of coaching training to his audience for free.

Life coaching is a path to happiness and joy. Also, to develop personal goals and eliminate the obstacles facing each person.

Business coaching is often effective for entrepreneurs who want to enter the job market and business owners who want to be more successful and productive.

History of Life Coaching

Coaching as a formal field is very young, and has its roots in many old disciplines.

This book includes areas such as human potential movement, leadership training, adult education, personal development and various fields of psychology.

But life coaching was officially born in the 1980s and expanded during the 1990s and 2000s and quickly became popular.

The first life coaches only worked on daily planning for life, until eventually life coaching grew and expanded to include other areas of life including relationships, finances, career, health and overall well-being.

A coach or coach in providing life coaching services can help with a comprehensive and general approach to various areas of life health. But there are some trainers who have focused their expertise on helping clients in certain areas of it.

Some types of life coaching are:

Business coaching, executive and leadership
Career coaching
Dating and relationship coaching
Sports coaching
Divorce coaching
Family life coaching
Financial coaching
Health and wellness coaching
Life skills coaching
Mental health coaching
Spiritual coaching
Diet and fitness coaching

Differences in life coaching

Although it seems that life coaching services are very similar to psychological counseling sessions, it must be said that the work of the two is not the same at all, and each has different goals, and in the best case, they can be complementary.

Counselors and therapists and other specialists in the field of mental health have a research degree and a health license in this field; And they usually look for the root of problems and mental illnesses in the person’s past, try to explain the cause of the behavior, the focus of a therapist is to treat the mental and psychological illnesses of the person.

For issues such as mood swings, addiction, anxiety disorders, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, feelings of hopelessness and severe depression or other mental illnesses, you should consult a mental health professional, not a life coach.

A life coach in life coaching services helps you with some unresolved issues and instead of exploring the past, he looks at the present and the future and tries to give you a vision to achieve a better life by identifying the essence of your existence. Show and make you a better version of yourself with frequent planning and encouragement.

Therapist Life Coach
Mental health treatment improving one’s life path
improving one’s life path Need for university education And he does not have an academic degree By taking the life coaching course He can learn the necessary skills

Benefits of life coaching

The benefits that the life coaching service gives you mostly depend on why you came to life coaching. Among the benefits of life coaching services, it can be said that it opens our eyes to the problems we face and we look at the issues around us with a new and more informed perspective than before, and we will also have a new insight to deal with the solutions. It identifies the negative patterns in your mind and prevents you from reaching your goals. In addition, many people use life coaching services because they may have trouble finding a suitable life partner/partner. Also, another group of people get help from life coaching services for self-knowledge, knowing their interests and desires and determining the ideal path for their lives. There are many people who understand the distance between their current life and the life they want to achieve, and therefore consider the use of coaching services mandatory for them. Some other positive effects that we get in life coaching:
  • Self-knowledge, recognition of skills, interests, tendencies, goals and aspirations
  • Designing strategies for growth and success in professional and personal life
  • Creating a better balance in work and personal life
  • Eliminating fears and worries that have plagued us for a long time
  • increasing creativity
  • Trying to achieve security and financial independence
  • Improving collective and communication skills
  • Creating effective and healthy communication
  • More satisfaction from job and workplace
  • Improving relationships with friends, family and other people around you
  • Physical health and related goals such as weight loss/gain
  • Starting a new business or developing an existing business
  • Managing one’s life or business
  • Self-expression and expression of values
Finally, using life coaching services gives you the power to be the best you in whatever you do. Research has shown that coaching and training in combination will be much more effective than training alone. It is said that training increases productivity by 2.4%, while if it is combined with life coaching in the form of weekly programs, we will increase productivity by 88%.
Life coaching services give you advice and guidance in career and personal fields. Life coaching should not be equated with therapeutic counseling, psychology, psychotherapy, and such counseling executions. Life Coach generally helps you to focus on a specific professional project, personal goals and the steps to go through them. At the beginning of the life coaching sessions, the coach asks you to clarify your point of view by posing questions; As :
  • What drives you and makes you move?
  • What is the basis of your goals?
After answering questions like these, the coach works on identifying limiting beliefs that are your obstacles, such as:
  • What negative things do you attribute to yourself in internal conversations?
  • How have negative patterns come in your way?
  • How can they be left out?
Finally, together with the coach, you will prepare a list of reasonable and achievable goals. With your help, the coach determines long-term and short-term goals in a way that is not too ambitious, or is not limited by your mentality, and also makes sure that your negative thoughts do not affect them. From the evaluation of your current situation, you can find out your progress in the future and also predict the current and possible obstacles. After this stage of life coaching services, the coach intends to provide you with a practical plan, and for this, he considers the resources and actions that you are able to take. Then you will be told what to do, and to do these things at certain times. You are preparing for possible obstacles and you have to decide correctly how to deal with them. Along the way, the accompanying coach will support you and if your program or other parts need to be modified during the course, the coach will listen and monitor your progress, the coach will encourage you to reach your goals. adhere to

Booking coaching sessions

Usually, life coaching sessions are held regularly and over a long period of time, and the coach’s support and encouragement creates the necessary motivation to accelerate things.

A life coach must make sure that clients do what they need to change their lives; Because one of the main achievements for clients is creating a sense of responsibility.

And in the following, if the client gets stuck in a part, the conditions are measured by Life Coach and they set a goal for it again and plan again.

As a result, people usually can handle things much sooner than when they only focus on work and get results faster.

Mehrdad Salimi Borna, the founder of the Salimi Borna Foundation, has worked as a life coach for many years alongside people who have felt the need for a life coach. Now, as a powerful life coach, he shows many people the path to happiness.

To start counseling sessions, we must first know what result we want to reap at the end of these sessions. So at first you will fill out forms, or rather you will answer questions, which will clearly clarify your wishes and expectations from the coach and life coaching sessions. Normally, the meetings will be between 1 and 4 times a month, in which challenging questions will be asked and you will be told exercises towards your goals. At the end of each session, Koch sets a task for you so that you know what issues you should work on and focus on until the next session; You know that you must do those assignments until the next meeting. Other duties of Koch:
  • Analysis and evaluation of the client’s current condition
  • Identify limiting beliefs
  • Designing a personalized program according to the wishes and goals of each client
The communication between the client and the coach, during the life coaching services, is a two-way communication based on the creative and comprehensive participation of the parties and should not be like a one-way road. From your first meeting, you will do the following:
  • Identifying and clarifying visions, goals and aspirations
  • If needed, the goals are modified or viewed from a different perspective using the expertise of the trainer
  • Unconsciously leads to self-knowledge and growth
  • The strategies and plans that the coach designed for you are arranged according to your personality and goals, so trust and act on it.
  • You will increase your productivity to get better feedback
  • Also, while receiving life coaching services, coaches usually provide you with their online and fast communication channels so that whenever you need advice urgently and a question bothers you, you can benefit from the coaches’ guidance. become
Many times, customers who use life coaching services provide different results. According to the report, people are much better able to make changes and tick their goals. In addition, after receiving life coaching services, clients report increasing self-confidence and building self-esteem, improving communication skills, strengthening relationships, better work/life balance, and reducing stress. They can act better in their daily work/personal decisions and move forward with life. And they can better identify and categorize priorities and important factors in their lives. They say that they are in better physical conditions and are more connected to their emotions in terms of spirit, and in the set of all these conditions, they are moving towards their goals. According to the studies, coaching both individually and in groups is very effective in reducing procrastination (postponing tasks) and therefore can help to achieve goals. Life coaching can promise to increase efficiency and empower people. Also, in a study published in Frontiers in Psychology in 2020, they showed that coaching-based leadership can be effective in increasing the well-being and performance of organizations.
People refer to Coaching Life to change their living or working conditions, for example, when they want to start a new business or want to build a more meaningful and happy life; And the coach also undertakes to help the client in the best way to live a better life. Life coaching is recommended to those who want to have a better tomorrow than yesterday, and still want more and more for the next tomorrow. Often, people who apply for life coaching services want more growth in a part of their life and want to improve their efficiency, and usually they are in a hurry to make changes and want it to be done as quickly as possible and in the best possible way. Currently, a large number of successful people in society use life coaching services; including managers, entrepreneurs, professionals, small business owners, creatives and artists, new pioneers, leaders. These people have recognized the distance between their current position and where they want to be, and when they want to make a decision to reach the goal point, they turn to life coaching services. A question arises for each of us: “Do I also need life coaching services?” In response, we can point to a number of signs that life coaching services can be useful for you:
  • Severe stress or anxiety
  • Internal conversations with yourself are very negative
  • Different factors can quickly provoke you (incitement to anger, sadness and crying, etc.)
  • You have recently made or want to make a fundamental change in your life.
  • You cannot quit bad habits such as overeating or sleeping too much, drinking alcohol, and you are stuck between these habits.
  • Feeling frequent dissatisfaction at work.
  • You are afraid of failure and therefore you cannot step towards the goal.
  • You feel that you do not have the necessary creativity in a certain field.
  • You feel that you don’t know yourself enough and you want a happier, more complete and more secure life.

During the life coaching service sessions, the coach will provide a safe and respectful environment for the client, an environment where the client can focus on his goals in complete comfort and ease.

The trainers’ style during these courses will be warm, direct and entertaining. According to the scope and capacity of people, we try to change the dry space to a friendly and intimate space.

The coach is with you every step of the way to celebrate your successes or support you when you fail and despair.

There is no obligation to continue the meetings for a long time. The number of life coaching sessions is determined by the coach according to your situation and your needs, however, as said, you are under no obligation to continue the classes and you can stop the sessions whenever you deem it necessary. However, according to statistics and studies, clients need at least 3 months to get the desired results from the sessions.

In any retreat and by any coach or trainer, your secrets will be kept 100% and no information from your conversation will leak out of the consultation room; unless you share it with someone yourself or give permission to narrate the conversation or part of it.

After the corona virus epidemic, many platforms were introduced to create virtual rooms, and besides that, people got to know more virtual communication facilities and got used to meeting their needs virtually. With the provision of an online education platform for the general public, geographical restrictions can no longer prevent you from learning or using services that are not close to your place of residence. Today, you can use life coaching services online from anywhere in Iran and the world. You can focus on meetings without spending energy and travel expenses, without worrying about how you will look when your emotions arise, in the privacy and security of your home. Or you may want to take your mobile phone or laptop to your favorite place that gives you more peace, such as a cafe, park or… and want to have your meeting in an environment that you enjoy and your sense of creativity and energy. starts blooming.

As we said, life coaching helps you plan, overcome problems and strive to achieve your goals; But remember that these things do not happen overnight and it takes time.

Maybe the result is more impressive in short-term goals, but you need more patience for long-term goals.

You should know whether the trainer or coach you are registering the life coaching services with is suitable for your needs or not.

As we mentioned earlier, coaching life itself is divided into other branches, and some coaches have focused on a specific branch of this field; Therefore, your results and achievements from these meetings are closely related to the type of relationship you have with the coach; It means what subject you hired the trainer to help with.

Severe problems in the field of mental health are not in the field of coaching and you should definitely refer to the experts in this field.

If you have symptoms of mental illness such as depression and anxiety, you should discuss this issue with a doctor or therapist in this field, so that they can start treatment options.

Life coaches can provide options to improve your mental health; And they cannot treat mental illnesses.